You can create time xo


I’ve been on my journey of self-discovery for over 2 years and I’ve definitely learnt a lot about myself, other people and the life I want to live. I also understand that my journey will go on forever and that’s a really beautiful thing. Our world is full of incredible and diverse opportunities and as you dive deeper you uncover more to learn, its glorious like that.

My intuition has been my guide during this time, I haven’t always followed it and I haven’t always understood the messages. So I’ve been practicing taking one step forward and watching for the next thing to come to me, to unfold like a beautiful gift, and it always does.

My Soul Hour didn’t start out with that name, it was just a feeling that I needed to move my body, I needed to create some time for me in a way that worked for me. This year it’s been about waking up at 5am, cuddling into my husband for a few minutes, then getting up, getting my fitness clothes on and going out to my yoga mat that I rolled out the night before. I do my yoga, then I do a meditation, next is tapping and then journaling and sometimes I fit in some reading. Yes this can take longer than an hour but it’s my time and I follow my intuition about everything – what yoga, meditation, tapping to do, how much journaling to do and what to focus on, I think you get the gist.

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Come back to your centre xo

0 to 100% and finding the middle ground

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where something isn’t serving you, so you completely flip the other way?

I remember learning as a child that if someone wasn’t nice to you then you could just stop talking to them…that doesn’t really work now does it! And I’ve often found myself in situations where I don’t like what’s currently happening so I completely reverse what I’m doing – I’ve been slack at exercising so I start going to the gym every day, I’ve been drinking too much alcohol so I stop drinking and going out altogether, I’ve lost my shit over not getting enough sleep but don’t worry you’ll never hear me complain about it again (really??)!

To me it seems like we put ourselves through these extremes never really finding the middle ground. I call it the 0 to 100%, when I think we really should be aiming for 40-60%. At this point, we’re fluid and creating the space that we need especially when we’re in a relationship with someone. That being said, its equally as important to be in a great relationship with yourself, so being gentle on yourself and allowing the fluidity is important for your own growth.

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Remember, life is happening for you xo

How did I get there…

Like everything in life you don’t make a huge leap and then arrive at your destination. I can definitely say if that was the process then we would all, generally, choose pretty amazing and wonderful things to leap to. My journey was a collection of small steps and when you reflect on them you probably think – anyone could have gone south and if only I had of stopped myself earlier…

Teddy was an IVF baby. IVF is a very emotional journey and we definitely took that ride. In 2011, we were 6 weeks pregnant and experiencing a large amount of bleeding and cramping, I was told to ‘go home and wait it out’. ‘Wait out what?’ was my response. I knew a miscarriage was a high possibility but I didn’t want to go there, however that night we were at the hospital and that pregnancy journey was over.

We were heartbroken but also fairly philosophical about it. We couldn’t change the outcome, whilst we wished we could and we knew that things had to change next time to ensure we had the right people in our corner.

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I am worthy xo

I will never betray you again

I’m reading a blog post by Glennon Doyle Melton titled ‘I need to tell you something’. I’m exactly 6 paragraphs in and the statement ‘that you’d never betray you again’ stabs me in my chest. It goes right to the heart of my pain and its like I have finally found the strength to breath. That sentence is exactly what I decided to do 3 years ago – find me and never let go.

After the birth of my beautiful, gorgeous son I suffered from, what is best described as, ‘undiagnosed post-natal depression’. Undiagnosed because I refused point blank to get professional help because I needed to work out what was going on, cutting out the crap and figure out where I needed to be. I think in my heart I knew that if I couldn’t resolve it then I would have to get help and initially that would break me further and I didn’t think that I could go any deeper without not existing anymore.

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