• The world is a reflection of us

    when we change our stories, we change our life.

  • so ... what do you want?

    who do you want to become?

Each Year, I take myself on a journey of self-discovery,

towards creating my Soul Life.


Meet my projects…

In 2021, I gave up bars and blocks of chocolate

In 2022, I explored creating more energy in my life through my health

you can read about it here: Project 22

In 2023, I’ve been creating my Soul Life,

and boy has it been a journey!

Now, in Project 24, I’m healing my lungs


Read about My Projects here


But I didn’t start that way, I took micro steps:

Being kind to myself

Eating well

Moving my body

  • Our Soul Life is created through micro changes.

    Let me inspire you...


My Intuition & Manifestation
10-part Podcast Series

Listen here

Project 22
Creating more energy through health

Read here

My Soul Life Podcast with Susan ScollenMy Soul Life Podcast
Inspiring stories from people like you and I who are on their health and wellness journey

Listen here


  • And when we change our lives,

    we change theirs too.



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