In 2023, I started meditating – regularly. In order to help my lungs heal, I’d been reading Dr Joe Dispenza’s work and meditation was a big part of it. So I thought, it can’t hurt right? This practice led me to learning more through Chopra.

Knowing that I’m really good with 2 week experiments I decided to meditate daily for 2 weeks. I downloaded Dr Joe’s Morning & Evening Meditation and what I noticed over the two weeks was:

  • I was calmer (even though I thought I was pretty calm)
  • Change was starting to happen in my business
  • Change was happening in my lungs, and
  • I was connecting more deeply to my intuition.

I was curious about what would happen if I continued, and I wanted to learn more about why these changes were happening.

An opportunity arose to study Chopra Meditation Foundation with Deepak Chopra, so I thought ‘it can’t hurt’ and I did the 6 week program. I got so much out of it, I decided to go deeper.

Never intending to be a meditation teacher, rather, more to up level my knowledge and I know that happens when I teach, so I said yes to Deepak Chopra’s 16 week Meditation Teacher Training.

It’s a deep course, yet I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface.

As one of my meditation clients said ‘I want to know more, but really I just have to sit down and meditate – that’s it.’

Yep, that’s it.


Now you can start too with the following courses:

The next courses I’m taking with Chopra are:

Wish me luck, and join me on my journey by going on your own health journey and tapping into your own inner wisdom 🙂

Click on the link below to check out Chopra’s courses and you can use my code SUSANSCOLLEN20 to receive 20% off when you enrol in a course.



Note: If you purchase through my link or code, I’ll receive a commission payment and am open to supporting you on your journey, so reach out to me, and let’s chat.

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