Project 21

Chocolate Free

In late 2020, I received a DM from a family friend who said:

I wanted to give you a shout, show you my gratitude, for a stepping stone that you have inadvertently thrown me.
I’ve been listening to your podcasts, enjoying hearing how people ‘do better for themselves’.
This led me to other podcasts, and finally to one called ‘How I Quit Alcohol’.

I am resonating with so many aspects in this podcast and it has led me to make the decision
to give up alcohol for 12 months! I’m excited! I figured telling you would keep me more accountable.
I’m viewing it as a gift to myself for my 50th year, so thank you. LR xo

It got me thinking. In her Year of Champagne (a term coined by one of my clients) she was giving up something that I suspect has been in her life for the better part of 30 years. I wondered if I could do something too?

I sat on it for a few weeks, allowing it to play in my mind and then I sat down on New Years Eve 2021 and asked myself, ‘what’s one thing, that if you did it for 365 days, would make the biggest difference in your life?’

Chocolate came up first. Rather than completely resist I asked the question again, and whilst chocolate didn’t come up every time I asked the question, it came up a number of times that I couldn’t ignore it (or I could have but I figured I’d give it a go – and it was HARD!)

The giving up turned out to be the easy part, it has been the maintenance that’s harder. That maintenance started 2 weeks in, and now 2 years and 9 months later (not that I planned to continue but I have) it’s still a question of ‘do I want to have some chocolate’ when my husband walks back from the fridge with some…to date the answer has been ‘no thanks.’

You can discover my journey through the links below.

Love Susan xo


PS. If you decided to go on your own journey, I’d love you to share it with me by tagging me on it and using the relevant handle e.g. #project22 (project and year)


Project 21 – Chocolate Free