Project 23

Living our Soul Life

Project 23 started after two successful years of doing experiments on myself and achieving results. The main result was that I’d stuck to my goals and that was super impressive for me.

As I sat down to explore what 2023 could be all about, I wondered about living authentically. If I talked about Living My Soul Life, was I actually doing that? Was I embodying that?

I knew that I was where I wanted to be location wise, I knew that I loved my husband and our son, I also knew I was doing the work I was meant to be doing but it wasn’t abundant. The work wasn’t abundant and I wanted to thrive in my work not just survive or in my case, sometimes that meant eating ‘two-minute noodles’. Not literally but you get the point, things could be better.

I decided to let go of what I thought things should look like and allow the universe to guide me.

This sounds great in theory, but being me, and being in my head for a LOT of my life, it’s been a journey to letting go.

Part of letting go was not analysing things, so you won’t find a lot of resources here but you will see what’s happened evident in my life. We live authentically every day.

We recently had a friend come and stay and when he left I said to Chris, ‘everything we did when they were here, is exactly what we’d normally do.’ There was nothing special put on, there was no special dinner or cutlery (for example). Sure we sat and talked a lot, but that’s a good thing right – connecting?

As I wrap up the year I’m excited to feel more connected to my Soul and Spirit, yes they’re different things. I can also see things manifest just by me having a quiet thought in my mind – literally. I also see the balance that I’ve created in our lives and how we can take micro-steps and still achieve amazing things – sustainable things, without pushing and striving. How cool is that.

To achieve this I had to let go of a LOT, and there is more to let go of but some of the challenges I moved through are:

  • Thinking when the universe shows me 5s (the number for change) it means a physical change – it can actually mean a mental, emotional or spiritual shift and we just need to open up to it, allow it.
  • That thoughts, when they come from a place of love, can literally create miracles.
  • That everything works out, it always does and it always has – that’s why we’re still here and we can move through anything, as HARD as it may feel.
  • I can trust myself and I get to be an inspiration to other people just by being me. I don’t need to talk about it, be showy about it or scream it from the roof tops. I am seen when I’m doing what’s in alignment with me – and I don’t have to talk about it.
  • Also, that everything passes, so I might be having an amazing day today, but tomorrow I might want to curl up into bed and cry – everything is ok, it doesn’t mean that anythings wrong, we can just allow it to be there.

2023 has been a transformational year in so many ways, and I want to leave you with this final thought:

What if that external thing that’s happening in your life, the argument, the annoying driver, the rude sales person is an earlier version of you or the you that you can sometimes be? What if, by sending love their way, blowing them a kiss, smiling or whatever feels right to you, is actually you sending that love/kiss/smile to that version of yourself and through you doing that you’re healing yourself – and the world around you? (I need to post this on Insta, I’ll do that!)

Love Susan xo


PS. If you decided to go on your own journey, I’d love you to share it with me by tagging me on it and using the relevant handle e.g. #project23 (project and year)


Project 23 – My Soul Life