Project 24

Healing is possible

My lungs have been an issue for me from about 2011, that’s where I can point back to. What started out as a little issue that was really negligible and would only show up from time to time, has turned into a chronic health concern.

I’ve done a lot of work on my lungs over the last year, but I really started working on them specifically back in 2020, when I started coughing up blood during the some of the worst fires Australia has seen. Canberra had the worst air pollution in the world, worse than New Delhi, which typically has the worst air pollution in the world on a regular basis.

Breathing in that air, even with a mask on, was really challenging for me so I booked in to see a Functional Dr, and I shared that journey, and so much more in Project 22, Chapter 18 – My Lungs.

In 2024, I’m going to go deeper. I’m going to look at my lungs from a multi-dimensional perspective – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical, and I’ll share the journey with you. I’m also planning to dive deep into the science as well, so it’s going to be interesting and I’m keen to see what I create and learn.

I’ll be sharing the journey with you here, so keep your eyes out, be inspired and let’s go on this ride together.

Love Susan xo


PS. If you decided to go on your own journey, I’d love you to share it with me by tagging me on it and using the hashtag #project24


Project 24 – Healing My Lungs

  • Chapter 1: Safe spaces, finding your community (coming soon)