Adventures of Molly and the Old Man

Imagine a place where adventures happen every single day. Where an old man, who wanted a quiet life, seems to attract animals and people into his life – even though he says he doesn’t want to. Where the chickens love foraging, the ducks love poo-ing and swimming, Indie loves hunting Beth, Beth loves getting away from Indie and the old man has to clean up the mess. Enjoy the mayhem and the madness that happen in every day life on this farm.


Flying the Coup


Ode to Floppy (This story is a sad one, where we lost Floppy so read it before you share with your kids)


It’s Raining Again


Disclaimer:  The event of these stories, may or may not have happened, and artistic licence has been used. The names of the animals have been changed to protect them, except for Indie, she’s our labradoodle. As to who the old man is, well I’ll leave that up to your imagination 😉