Going deep starts with #selflove

It starts with you xo

When we turn up for ourselves every day, magical things happen – magical!! 

But we struggle with it hey. We struggle because we tell ourselves the:

  • Washing needs to go on
  • Dishes need to be put away
  • Beds need to be made

And then I can sit down and have a cuppa, then I can rest and watch TV, then I can read that book I’ve been trying to dive into.

It’s like tomorrow – then and tomorrow never come, or rarely come, because there’s always more washing, there’s always more dishes and there’s always another bed to be made.

Our relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we’ll ever have, but putting ourselves first seems like the hardest thing to do.

Which makes me wonder what would happen if we dropped all the balls we’re juggling – just let them go and then decided, meticulously which ones to pick up.

Does that make you shudder, do you get really uncomfortable – I know I did. But what I found was when we do it fully aware and when we do it with the best of intentions, we’ll be ok and we’ll find our way.

When COVID hit and we were all in lock down, was your only outing to the supermarket? Mine was to the Fruit & Vege Market. Which meant we all went online to do our shopping, which slowed down parcel delivery, but what I found was that I was even more selective about who I purchased from. 

I brought organic sheets, t-shirts and hair products. I ordered my toilet paper online – and 50% of the profits go back to those in need. I upped my essential oil supply to make sure we had enough of everything – not just for us but for my parents too. I brought new knickers and sweats from companies I love, not just from those closest to me.

In general, I chose to limit our purchases to what we needed and from reputable companies who are making a difference, so that the money we spend goes into the hands of those that need it most.

When I talk about #selflove, it’s often through the lens of ‘what I do for myself’ but as I move deeper into my #soulhour I see what a ripple effect me, taking care of myself, has on my family and all you amazing people in my life.

You may find yourself out with family, watching, growing and loving with them and this to me is #selflove. When you spend time with others that fill you up, make you feel alive and give energy and sustenance back to you – you want to do more of that right? 

You can also find yourself in situations that don’t light you up. In these situations when we stay, it eats at us, so my recommendation to you is put a boundary on it – say for 30 minutes and then excuse yourself. Stay for the meal, enjoy the time that you spend with them and then leave – that’s totally ok. #selflove has boundaries – and they’re the ones you define. You experiment, work out what works for you and move from that space.

That’s effective dropping a ball mid-air.

And when you say ‘no’ to someone or something, you’re saying ‘yes’ to yourself and what makes your heart sing.

So what does your #soulhour look like? What does your #selflove look like, and do you create time for yourself every day? Remember, your relationship with yourselves is the most important relationship you’ll ever have, so:

  • Step back
  • Drop the balls, and
  • Ask yourself – what do I really want?

This is where your #selflove starts xo

I love you, and I want the best for you. If you need a hand getting started please reach out, because you don’t have to do this alone hello@susanscollen.com 

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