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What are you dreaming of?

It's already yours, if you choose to see it xo

Do you have a health and wellness goal?

What is it - tell me

How long have you had it for?

Imagine having someone to support you in achieving it? To guide you, create space for you and be your cheerleader.

My role as your health coach is to help you create your dreams, through bringing my knowledge of:
– 100s of dietary theories
– Primary Food
– Bio-individuality
– Crowding out
– Our bodies can heal themselves
– Deconstructing cravings, and

My passion to see you grow – exactly as you want to xo


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Life’s amazing, but it wasn’t always like this. I used to be a person that got shit done – I was all over it, but life changed, I became a mum and I spent my days wiping a bum. Each day my greatest achievement became getting out of bed. I wasn’t living and it was affecting my whole life.

To be honest, I lost my identity and had to find out who I was again. What I liked? What I loved? 

Now I work with Mums and teach them what I’ve learnt, that living the life of your dreams is all about tuning inward, listening to what lights you up and following that inner knowing no matter what xo

About me

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Susan always holds such a loving and understanding space for me to share and ask questions that makes me feel heard and understood. She allows me to lead and choose what’s best for me. Having her by my side as a coach helps me grow so much.


Suze has a nurturing spirit and seems to effortlessly share and disarm me virtually every time we speak. She gently guides me through my story with thoughtful and thought provoking topics and themes.

Essential oils

Mother Nature in a bottle

Essential oils have played a huge part in my families health and wellness.

And now, I get to share them with you too!

I want Essential Oils