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Going Deeper on Abuse with Aubrey Holt
As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, Aubrey courageously left a marriage after 13 months to pursue the life she knew awaited her. After studying to become a Holistic Health Coach, Aubrey pursued a full-time career dedicated to helping others overcome the lasting psychological effects of divorce, abuse, toxic relationships, and the pain surrounding traumatic life events. Through compassionate, holistic coaching, she educates on the signs of narcissism and manipulation, as well as providing tangible tips
Eating our Emotions with Susan Scollen
Eating our emotions is easier than facing them, but is it really? Have you ever found yourself face first into a tub of ice cream and you don’t know why? It’s in these moments that we have an opportunity to stop…and sometimes that’s the thing we don’t want to do because it’s easier to eat the ice cream. Let’s dive in and inspire each other. Hi, it’s me Susan, your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach &
A good nights sleep with Karolina Repela
Karolina is a certified health & life coach and she specializes in helping people get a good nights sleep. She’s very passionate about all aspects of health and through her work, digging deeper and peeling back more layers than just the sleep issue. In this episode, Karolina shares how she loves a good nights sleep and she knows the quality of our sleep is directly related to how much we love the other areas of our
Primary Foods with Susan Scollen
Primary Foods are the things that nourish you that aren’t on your plate. Your relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity. When we find balance in those things, what we eat is secondary. Focusing on finding our balance with Primary Foods, creates more fulfilment from within. Let’s dive in and inspire each other. Hi, it’s me Susan, your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and the Beginner Health Sessions. I’m passionate about encouraging you to create more health and wellness in
Mind Body Soul Healing with Joy Dettling
A few years ago, Joy was the perfect example of burnt out.  It took a toll on all aspects of her life and led her on a downward spiral with her health.   After hitting rock bottom she discovered that there are many misconceptions about health that lead us to miss the key ingredients to healing.   Through her long journey she discovered that healing needs to happen not only on a physical level, but also on
Foods you can't stop eating with Susan Scollen
Are there foods you can’t stop eating – like foods you can eat every day and it’s a bottomless pit. Most of us will have one or two foods that we can’t get enough of. For me it was pasta and chocolate. I told  myself the pasta was healthy so it was find to have a bottomless pot of it – but was it really? Let’s dive in and inspire each other. Hi, it’s me
Alcohol Free with Sarah Rusbatch
Sarah Rusbatch’s a 44 year old mum of 2 and almost 2 years ago she had her last alcoholic drink. She’s a qualified wellness coach, and is finalising her coaching qualification in ‘grey area drinking’. Sarah supports women to rediscover their purpose and passion and rediscover themselves through either giving up or cutting back on alcohol. In this episode, Sarah shares was caught up in the ‘mummy wine culture’ – drinking because it was there and she
Intermittent Fasting with Susan Scollen
HELL NO – I refuse to starve myself! Then I tried it, yes my brain told me I was going to die but 9 months later and hearing that it’s part of my Human Design, I LOVE IT!! I’m not on the hunt for my next meal, life is so much simpler and I know that I’m honouring my body. Are you ready to learn some more? Let’s dive in and inspire each other. Hi,
Living your NOW life with Julia Wesley
Julia Wesley is a spiritual teacher, Akashic records reader, and podcast host of Becoming Divine who helps people heal their ego and embody their divinity. In this episode, Julia shares with us how her her Grandmother’s spirit guide walked up to her and flicked her in the head! That was Julia’s wake up call and then she thought ‘if this is real then I want to experience it myself’. Julia went from her muggle life to realising her
Dropping the Balls with Susan Scollen
How many balls are you juggling? The Mum ball, the Wife ball…tell me. Today we explore all the balls and ask the question ‘what do we really need to do?’. I also ask you to explore what dropping the balls would mean to you, and ask you to ponder if you could drop them all – even if it was just for one day. Could you do it? Let’s dive in and inspire each other.