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Light Therapy with Carlos Lastres
Carlos thought aches and pains were just a part of life, especially after playing sport and having a few injuries. That was until he found red light therapy. He trialed it on himself and dived into the research. Carlos was so inspired by what he was learning that he knew he had to share it with the world – so you can heal too. Be inspired. Carlos Lastres is a Costa-Rican native residing in China,
A Courageous Mum's Journey with Larissa Clark
When Larissa met Ben, she knew she wanted children. They got married and had their first beautiful baby, Olivia. They faced health challenges with Olivia before she was born, and despite being told Olivia would be a ‘dull child’ because she wasn’t breast fed, she’s definitely not dull. They then decided to have Matilda, their second daughter, and the births couldn’t be more different. Be inspired. Larissa’s a wife and mum living in Melbourne Australia,
Create a Luscious Life with Jenni Mears
Jenni helps women create a luscious life, and today we dive into self-pleasure and why it’s the best gift you can give yourself and your partner, especially after having a baby. We are more than the nappy changer and toy tidier, and when we take time out to pleasure ourselves, we bring more energy into our life. Sex also improves our happy hormones, which can mean you like being around you more – plus others
Self-love Differently with Susan Scollen
Think about self-love differently. What if self-love was everything you did in your life? What if the things you told yourself were bad or you shouldn’t be doing, were actually exactly what you should be doing? We’re so hard on ourselves, and from that hard space we try to create change in our lives – but we can’t sustain that change. Loving on yourself, creates sustainable change. Let’s dive in and inspire each other. Hi,
A Male Perspective with Chris Deal
Chris Deal is my husband, and when I asked him to share his side of our journey to have Teddy, he said ‘sure’. Whilst Post Natal Depression is typically a feminine illness, I believe that men struggle too and in this podcast I hope to inspire you to have a conversation with your partner/husband, and create an even deeper connection. In this episode, Chris shares our pregnancy journey and baby journey, because it’s never a
Cravings with Susan Scollen
There are 8 reasons why we crave foods. And we’ve all been there – face first into that tub of ice cream, block of cheese (it’s healthy right?), bottle of wine. Cravings are messages from our bodies, they’re signs of something being out of balance, so you can think of cravings as a gift – we all love gifts right? So let’s love ourselves more and listen in to the gifts. Let’s dive in and
Warrior for Change with Dionne Sanchez
Dionne is a warrior for change and the host of the “Words of Heart“ podcast which is about in-depth conversations of inspiration with an emphasis on mental health. Dionne considers herself to be a warrior for change through the power of her words. And her podcast is a culmination of her gifts and skills. Her empathic nature allows her to connect with anyone she comes across leaving her podcast to be a safe forum of
Yin and Yang Foods with Susan Scollen
Foods are either yin, yang or neutral, and you can play with them in your day to day life to bring your body back into balance. When we understand why we combine foods the way we do, and why when we’ve eaten something savoury we then crave something sweet, and vice versa, we can choose again – or choose the same – but we know more. Let’s dive in and inspire each other. ___________ In
This isn't who I am with Melissa Salazar
Melissa Salazar lives in New York City and during the day she’s an actuarial specialist. On her personal time, she enjoys managing her health and wellness through constant introspection, exercise, nutrition and routine.  In 2019, she had a mysterious medical issue which further encouraged her to seek a life of balance as well as meaningfully recreating her identity. In this episode, Melissa shares how she was the fittest she’d ever been, she was amazed by
Complex Carbohydrates with Susan Scollen
Complex Carbohydrates and my brain are best friends. When I chose to take carbs out of my diet all together my body ate itself. At the time I was working on putting on muscle mass, not losing it, so this had a huge impact on me and I quickly learnt that carbs are so much more than what they seem. Let’s dive in and inspire each other. Hi, it’s me Susan, your Health & Life