Ep. 293 – Transforming Trauma with Sheridan Ruth

Sheridan has experienced PTSD and Trauma on multiple levels, and what she’s learnt through transforming trauma has become her superpower.

After losing her hair at 7 years of age, leaving an abusive relationship, experiencing loss through suicide and complex PTSD, she dove into re-booting her nervous system and the magic in her mess is the gold that the people who work with her now receive.

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Sheridan’s a Nervous System Specialist boasting a successful track record with over 350 satisfied clients and a wealth of experience coaching individuals globally for thousands of hours.

Sheridan navigated the challenges of building a business amidst one of the most significant tragedies in her life.

In contrast to the overwhelming volume of information and expert advice, Sheridan teaches a body based approach to business – a method that has helped both her and her clients create simple, sustainable and strategy income in their businesses, without burnout, anxiety or icky sales tactics.

Dispelling the notion of quick fixes and eschewing the role of a traditional guru, Sheridan doesn’t provide pre-made checklists. Instead, she guides you through the process of discovering your personalized blueprint for success, concealed at the core of truth within your breath, bones, and body. 


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