My Writing

Which may become books 🙂

In 2019, I sat down to write. I had the idea that I’d write a book some day, so I wanted to try. It was February, I was about to start studying Health Coaching and I was doing a fitness challenge – but hey, what’s one more thing.

I gave myself 1 hour, completely uninterrupted, and I just wrote. The idea was that I’d write for 30 days, I think I wrote for 4 days. The story that came out was completely unexpected. I saved it and got on with life.

Nearly two years later I was cleaning up the files on my Mac and came across a story. I didn’t recognise it, but started to read it and thought ‘this is good, I wonder who wrote this?’ As I kept diving in it dawned on me – I wrote it. It was that story I sat down to write but didn’t get past 4 days. I wondered what it would become if I kept going, so I did.

That was how The First Four Weeks was born.

As I write this, I still haven’t finished it but it’s a heck of a lot further along than it was, and you can start reading it below.

As I keep writing, I’ll drop in more chapters, more stories, more creativity, from all the adventures I’ve been writing about.

Enjoy following along.

Soulfully, Susan xo


 Adventures of Molly and the Old Man

Short Stories for Children

Meet the incredible animals who send the Old Man crazy! They will make you laugh, make you cry (from laughing so hard) and have you cheering on them on as you go on their mischievous adventures!

 There is Life Beyond Post Natal Depression

Adult Non-Fiction

My journey into and out of PND. Moving from a life I hated to a life I love.

 The First Four Weeks

Adult Fiction

Vivian was living her life. Navigating all the things about being in her 20s when she meets Lachie. What started out as one kiss, turns into a beautiful affair of possibilities, until everything changes and Viv has to go on her journey to discover who she truly is.