Ep. 286 – We’re all Connected with Atousa Raissyan

Atousa is a spiritual being living right here on earth. We’re all spiritual beings, but when you listen to how deeply connected she is and how she’s supporting people to evolve, you’ll feel right at home.

Atousa knows that for our outside world to change, we have to change our inside world. This is the deeper work, that we all have the opportunity to do, if we choose.

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Atousa Raissyan is recognized as a Shaman, Transformational Heart-Centered Healer and Spiritual Guide, and Motivational Speaker. 

She is also a bestselling author, poet and digital artist. Her passion is to help people light up by guiding them to release their traumas and reprogram their fear-based living to a more heart-centered peaceful life. 

Atousa’s extensive experience comes from years of transforming the life of her clients to tap into their truth, heart and experience their desired life, and in turn change the lives of those around them. 

Because of this transformational experience her clients refer to her as “Guiding Light,” “Life Changing,” “Best Teacher And Mentor,” “Game Changer,” “Intuitive Gifted Healer,” “Magic.” 

She has been featured in USA Today, Potomac Lifestyle Magazine and Entrepreneur Herald. She has also been a guest speaker on over twenty-five podcasts and summits past two years.


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