Ep. 284 – Healing Trauma with Brooke Bownes

Trauma can affect us in many ways, and often we don’t know we have trauma or don’t recognise the trauma is stopping us creating the things we want in our lives.

Brook experienced trauma through her narcissistic mother and went on her healing journey, transforming the beliefs she had about herself and releasing the trauma that was trapped in her body.

It wasn’t an easy process, but a very rewarding one.

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Brooke Bownes suffered childhood trauma from living with a narcissistic mother. Through healing her trauma she now helps midlife women to release & heal from childhood trauma & trauma from narcissist mothers

Brooke is a Mum of four grown children, she has 9 grandchildren and has studied trauma & mind set for years. Brooke believes that the key to having a successful life is to heal from trauma that is stored in the body & that can go back 7 generations.


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