Ep. 290 – Intentional Kindness with Alan Questel

Alan’s life work is to help people like themselves.

One of the ways we can do this is through intentional act of kindness, and in writing Alan’s new book, Practice intentional acts of kindness and like yourself more, he discovered that he had to go on a journey to uncover what he liked about himself.

It took him 5 years to come back to his book and share the insights he learnt, so that you can uncover liking yourself too.

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Alan Questel is a Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method, a practice that seeks to improve movement, enhance physical function and expand self image through heightened awareness. Alan was personally trained by Dr. Feldenkrais and is known for his clarity, creativity, and down-to-earth teaching style.

Alan brings a depth of understanding, humor, and a gentle human perspective to the learning of the Method. Alan teaches in and directs Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs worldwide, including in the USA, Australia, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, South America, and Canada.

Alan is the author of Creating Creativity – Embodying the Creative Process. 

Alan is constantly discovering how to be kinder to others and toward himself.

Practice Intentional Acts of Kindness, and like yourself more, Alan’s latest book, takes readers through steps to broaden and sharpen their understanding of kindness. It will show you ways to embrace kindness in everyday life, and provide the means to be kinder and generate more kindness towards yourself and others.

Practice Intentional Acts of Kindness, and like yourself more will help readers break through old, unconscious patterns of thought and feeling, and free them to express all the love and kindness in their hearts.


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