Ep. 289 – Healing our Hormones with Tara Lori

Tara struggled with skin and weight issues in her teenage years. Living life as we do in our 20s, she decided it was time to do something differently, and she embarked on a 12 week fitness challenge.

Tara then noticed gut health issues, which, through a series of changes in her life, impacted her emotionally, again impacting her gut and hormones.

Tara took her health to the next level and now, at 39, she’s living her best life.

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Tara is an integrative nutrition health coach, online menopause clinic practice manager, recipe blogger, fitness enthusiast, and mum of three. 

Her passion for health was ignited in her twenties when she joined a local women’s fitness challenge and what she’s learned since then through both trial and error and during her studies has helped shape her knowledge around optimising health. 

Tara has a special interest in women’s health and healing through nutrition.


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