You can create time xo

I’ve been on my journey of self-discovery for over 2 years and I’ve definitely learnt a lot about myself, other people and the life I want to live. I also understand that my journey will go on forever and that’s a really beautiful thing. Our world is full of incredible and diverse opportunities and as you dive deeper you uncover more to learn, its glorious like that.

My intuition has been my guide during this time, I haven’t always followed it and I haven’t always understood the messages. So I’ve been practicing taking one step forward and watching for the next thing to come to me, to unfold like a beautiful gift, and it always does.

My Soul Hour didn’t start out with that name, it was just a feeling that I needed to move my body, I needed to create some time for me in a way that worked for me. This year it’s been about waking up at 5am, cuddling into my husband for a few minutes, then getting up, getting my fitness clothes on and going out to my yoga mat that I rolled out the night before. I do my yoga, then I do a meditation, next is tapping and then journaling and sometimes I fit in some reading. Yes this can take longer than an hour but it’s my time and I follow my intuition about everything – what yoga, meditation, tapping to do, how much journaling to do and what to focus on, I think you get the gist.

An unexpected result of this work was learning, that because I was doing the work – showing up, I could create time. It’s an interesting concept hey and it’s something I could apply across my day. Time was something that I had more of because I create time. The law of attraction states that what happens in our lives is because of what we focus on – you want a new car – it will show up. You want a $100 – it will show up. You tell yourself you don’t have time – that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Often in life we focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do have. When we focus on this lack and how does it make you feel? I personally feel contracted, small and stressed, but if I focus on abundance and being grateful for everything I have in my life, I feel extremely joyous, expansive, and I have a heart full of love and wonder!


When we live in this abundant and grateful state everything is beautiful, you can always see the shiny side of the coin, you might be having a rough day but I can promise you if you close your eyes, take a big deep breath in, you will be able to think of 3 things your grateful for – your husband, your kids, your puppy dog, your beautiful home, your parents…there is bound to be something, and it’s in these moments of gratitude where we become a time creator. It’s in times of abundance that we create more abundance and it’s in the time of being our best, in our peak state, that we create time.

Now close your eyes, take a big deep breath in through your nose, hold it and then let it go. Think about a time when you were operating at your peak, what were you doing? What did you get lost in? And tell me, how did you feel? I bet it was that abundance and grateful feeling I described above, and tell me, was time endless? I can guarantee you it was. So how about you and I commit to living in that state every single day. Find the beauty in life and I can promise you it will come back to you a million times over xo

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