Keep it simple and sustainable

We know this acronym well but I always struggled with the last S – what about you? I let it slide for a while but something just wasn’t right. Calling myself or someone else ‘stupid’ didn’t make me feel good, so I stopped using the acronym until recently.

When we go on a journey, be it a relationship, weight loss, #selflove, working out, we put in a lot of effort. We turn up for ourselves every day and things that were important to us in the past, can lose their shine, so we let go.

Our journeys to self requires love, patience, kindness and through those things we create a sustainable approach to living. We find that when we create small habit changes, ones that come from love and are guided by our intuition, they anchor into us and we can continue to implement them – long after the decision is made.

The things that happen around us don’t matter so much any more, we see that when we let go of who we were, and we start to be come who we are, we want more – deeper conversations, deeper love, deeper self-respect, deeper alignment. We want to show up for ourselves more and more – regardless of what anyone else thinks.

That’s not to say we disrespect anyone else. We figure out on our journey that everyone is doing the best they can and if they choose to stay right where they are – that’s ok too. Just because you choose to grow, doesn’t mean anyone else has to. And just because you’re growing doesn’t mean you need to stop to make others happy.

When we make ourselves happy first, everything becomes happy around us. Sure we struggle with negative people, but that’s just a lesson we need to learn again – everyone is doing the best they can, everyone is on their own journey and that’s ok.

We start to come from a place of pure love. We see people. We see their struggles and we love them right where they are. We don’t judge, we don’t call them stupid. We keep turning up for ourselves and if they get the benefit of that – great! If not, that’s ok too, because we’re choosing to love ourselves more and that’s a beautiful thing.

Are you feeling a resistance to this approach? I know I used to, and that’s ok, again that’s part of the journey. It’s part of the opportunity for you to release and grow, and move through things – not go over them or under them.

When we learn to move through things, we can see the three paths clearly (the three options we have, at a minimum) – we can choose to:

  • Keep going and rise
  • Stand still
  • Stop

I choose to keep going and rise, and sometimes that’s challenging for me because I have expectations on people – I want them to change so I don’t have to ‘let it go’. But eventually we realise that we need to let those expectations go and love them right where they’re at.

This creates a sustainable approach to how we live our lives. This supports us to be better people, deepens our connection with self and lets us bathe in more and more love.

Love is simple and sustaining, so lets practice K.I.S.S – Keep it simple and sustainable. Let’s love, appreciate and grow – as ourselves and as a community xo

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