Thoughts versus Action

Design your life on purpose xo

When was the last time you made a big (or small) decision about your life?

When you made that decision what did you do to come to it? Did you:

  • Do lots of research to make sure you got the best deal?
  • Look for evidence around you or in your past, so you knew if it was possible?
  • Jump into action?

When we think we need to lose weight, we immediately criticise our body, think about all the food we ‘shouldn’t’ eat and think about the exercise that we now need to do – to drop those kgs.

We might join a gym, or commit to going more regularly to the one we have. We might ask a friend to help us stay accountable and perhaps we start walking together. We research the current diet trends and perhaps reach out to someone we know who’s recently lost weight or look at our past weight loss achievements and get back into that program.

We might even go to the Dr and ask their advice about the best approach, perhaps do a fitness test and get some bloods done. Or we sign up to a meal subscription service. 

Whatever your action is – I want you to stop.

Actions are great, they help us achieve our results (maybe) but when things aren’t going as well as we thought – the numbers go up instead of down – then we think its not worth it, we think we can’t do it and we change our actions – the wine, chocolate, chips, couch, whatever comes in.

Can you see that your actions can only take you so far? You’re dependent on will power and action to get you to where you want to be…but both have a limited life span – especially in a life that is missing all the things you currently love.

  • No more champagne on a Saturday with the girls
  • No more high tea, those yummy, dreamy, creamy cakes
  • No more chips and gravy from Kingsleys (a Canberra institution)

And let me tell you, I want you to have what you want, as you define it – that sounds awesome right?

So let me share with you what you need – your thoughts.

Yep, your brain that’s in your head – that big thing up there.

We start by changing those critical thoughts of:

  • Where did that keg come from?
  • I can never lose my muffin top
  • Look at the fat on my legs


  • We really do love the pizza’s from our local takeaway
  • That night time chocolate always makes me feel relaxed
  • A beer with the footy makes my week

And then we add in:

  • Perhaps I could make one healthier meal this week
  • Maybe I swap that chocolate for some bliss balls for two nights this week
  • How about I go for a walk this week, I haven’t done that in a while

It feels better in our body right – it feels achievable, kind, loving…what else comes up for you?

But what do we do with the new stories that come up, the ones our mind tells us like:

  • I need to lose the weight in 2 minutes, and if I can’t do that it’s not worth wasting my time.
  • My knee’s stuffed, I can’t do the level of exercise needed to lose the amount of weight I need to lose.
  • You’ll die if you go on a diet – those things can kill you!

Our lives are full of stories, ones where we don’t have enough money, where we can’t afford to buy that shirt or the organic produce, where we’re not smart enough, fit enough, skinny enough, pretty enough…blah blah blah

Its time to let those stories go too.

You are unique, you are beautiful, you are handsome, you have so much to give this world and its time to go after what you truly want.

When it comes to weight loss, just like life, its a journey. There is no quick fix, there is no miracle cure. However, there is curiosity, kindness, love and support.

  • Go and eat the pizza once a week.
  • Go and move your body in a way that feels good to you.
  • Go and enjoy that wine with dinner.

All the time choosing you – planning ahead for your life, designing your life on purpose, and loving what you discover on the journey. These activities require thought – and that’s your start point to everything you want in your life xo

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