Ep. 154 – Easy = Alignment with Susan Scollen

Easy = alignment and easy = you being the best version of yourself.

Sometimes things come with such ease and flow it can surprise us.

When we push and hustle, we can be out of alignment.

Then sometimes things can be hard but also in alignment.

We have an opportunity to explore what we actually want in each situation, but we have to dive deep in order to truely know if something aligns with us.

Be inspired xo

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Easy by Susan Scollen


We all want life to be easy.

  • Why does Cherry speak so loudly everyone can hear her business – doesn’t she know ‘we don’t care?’
  • Why does my Mum have to be so difficult when it comes to Christmas lunch, it’s not like we don’t have our own family obligations too.
  • Why does my brother always pick a fight with my husband, we know they polar opposites, why doesn’t he get it?
  • Why does food labelling have to be so detailed – can you just tell me what I’m eating and if it’s actually good for my body?
  • Why can’t I have a wine in peace without the kids always wanting me?
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