Ep. 138 – What vs. How with Susan Scollen

When we want to achieve anything in our lives, there’s always the question of what vs. how.

Understanding the difference between the how and the what and seeing where each question leads you in your goal can be a simple yet pivotal strategy in your journey.

Practising these steps that I share with you in this episode in allowing the what to flow will help you not only stay on track with your goal, but also stay on track to what is aligned for you.

Be inspired xo

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Time with Susan Scollen

Ep. 76 – Time with Susan Scollen

Can you create time – yes you can and today we learn how.

Creating time is all about what you think is possible and it’s playing with those thoughts to create more of what you want.

Everyone wants more time but the truth is, our time is already spent – so how are you using your time and are you ready to use it in a way you love?

Let’s dive in and inspire each other.

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Enoughness with Susan Scollen

Ep. 64 – Enoughness with Susan Scollen

We start our days in lack, ‘I didn’t get enough sleep’, ‘we’re  running late, hurry up’, ‘there’s not enough milk’. And as a reflection, we can also live our days in lack – not to mention our lives.

The opposite to scarcity is enoughness, and in this episode I share with you the impact of seeing the enoughness in our lives has on our lives. Let’s dive in and inspire each other.

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