Change your inside world

The rewards are worth it

It’s easier to change our outside world, than it is to change our inside world.

  • Getting a new car
  • Buying a new dress
  • Phoning a friend

They’re all amazing thing, but when happiness is an inside job, they don’t cut the mustard if you’re looking for a joy that’s with you all the time. 

You can be joyful and sad/ angry/ frustrated/ <insert your feeling here> at the same time. It’s possible.

And I like to think of joy as a song that you can feel in your body, it’s a tune, a hum, a vibration that’s constantly playing – the same can be said for anger, resentment and sadness.

It’s playing within you in the quiet moments. The moments where you’ve stopped, you’re watching what’s happening around you, you’re part of a conversation and you’re listening, curious and unattached.

Today, I’m inviting you to understand what your tune is – is it joy or anger? Is it joy or frustration? Is it joy or expectation?

When it comes to anchoring into this type of decision or change – where you choose joy each time – and that doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time – it takes time.

It takes time because when we do this we start to shift our identity, we vibrate at a different frequency, our inside world starts to change and things can get murky!

We feel lots of resistance, we can go back to old stories about how people have done us wrong or they don’t understand us and they should, but these are our opportunity to come back to joy – not expectation/ frustration/ anger. These are our opportunities to move through the resistance and grow.

Think of resistance as a bliss ball – I never used to eat them, but then I started to and I started to make them. Some people around me got curious and some would eat their own version of them, some would roll their eyes at me and say ‘not in this lifetime’ and some people would ignore me all together.

I could choose to react in all these situations or I could choose to do me and keep going. 

When we’re going through this change, we’re most likely to do a mix of both, and eventually choosing you and continuing to move will become your norm and it’s just something we do. Then we layer in the next change, say a new relationship, and we go through the resistance again. This resistance never stops but we can transition quicker once we’ve nailed down our path to get to our truth.

Now think of that resistance as love, our ability to love ourselves, and answer these questions:

  • Is it easier to eat the bliss ball than it is to say ‘I love you’ in the mirror three times?
  • Is it easier to eat the bliss ball than it is to say no to someone for fear of upsetting them? 
  • Is it easier to eat the bliss ball than it is to call your Mum or Dad or sister or brother that you’ve been fighting with and say sorry?

It’s 100% harder to change our inside world than it is our outside world (I can feel those bliss balls going into my mouth right now!), but when we anchor into joy, love and happiness, when we choose to stay open and let go of the stories we have for the people who we’re allowing to affect those things, it becomes easier to shift our inside world.

We stop shovelling those bliss balls/ wine/ chocolate/ chips into our mouths and we slow down. We get uncomfortable but we know we’re doing it from a place of joy and that we’re fully supported from that space.

What’s your tune? Leave me a comment and tell me xo

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