Emotions are exhausting

Well, they can be.

Recently, I realised I’m rubbish at allowing my emotions to move through my body. I honestly thought I was good at it and then I had this ‘not so good’ emotion, that I pushed away, rather than letting it move through my body – whoops!

Is it the same for you?

Do you also struggle with managing your emotions and immediately find your ‘happy place’ by moving into the happiness zone of positivity land or hide your emotions – crying in the shower, going for a walk by yourself, angrily cutting those carrots in the kitchen?

Do you feel defeated and resigned to what’s happening around you – because nothing you say will matter or change anything? Who cares about me anyway?

When somethings important to me, like really important to me, I can become teary about it and often people will say to me ‘don’t cry, there’s no reason to cry’ and I have to remind myself in that moment that what they’ve said is more about them than it is about me.

  • People are uncomfortable around tears.
  • People don’t know what to say around tears.
  • People don’t show their tears.

Did you know we can cry and talk at the same time? I had a story that I couldn’t, that the tears took over everything but when I calmed the thought in my mind – ‘the world is ending’ – to ‘you’re safe and its safe to share this’ whilst the tears still come, I can clearly articulate my argument or response.

And all of that work is exhausting – the allowing, the releasing, the moving through.

But the beauty of this work is – you get to know you better. You get the opportunity to love you more and you get to share this beautiful new version of yourself with others.

It doesn’t have to be a full, brand new version of you – that people don’t recognise, it can just be the newer you that you take into safe environments – because let’s face it, not everyone will be open to the new version of you.

And most importantly remember to rest, remember to take time out for you. Pull out your #selflove menu and pick one thing to do. 

Life is to be fully lived, and we can only do that when we allow ourselves to wake up, to trust and to become more than who we are today xo

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