I still have fat days

Yep, I'm human too xo

We can think, that when we achieve a goal we’ll never feel the way we do right now again. 

  • We’ll have slayed the dragon
  • We’ll never have that issue again
  • We’ve moved on into a better life

It’s just not true.

We’re human and human stuff happens. 

  • We get sick
  • Someone dies
  • We have to change our plans

Things happen, and that means we may have to move through the same or similar things again. That doesn’t mean we should stop trying and the reason for this is that next time this comes up for you – you’ll have the tools to move through what’s happening.

They’re already in your tool kit, you’ve just got to pick them up and use them.

To me that’s pretty cool!

One thing I’ve always known for sure is that weight loss or gain journeys can be slippery slopes. There are days when you’re not where you want to be, and there are days when you feel amazing. There are days when you love life and there are days when you pick your body apart.

This is life, and when we give light to what’s not working we need to give light to what is working. I choose to move towards and what is working, because it feels better and that’s where our truth is.

When I shine light on what isn’t working or why I’m criticising myself I have to ask:

  • What am I making it mean?
  • Why is this something that’s taking my attention right now?
  • Is it true?

I can always find evidence why something’s true, but equally I can always find evidence why something isn’t true. For example:

  • True – I’m not a size 8, I’ve never been a size 8 and if I ever am a size 8 I’ll be very ill – so I give you permission to take me to the hospital.
  • False – I’m not a size 22, I have never been a size 22 and if I every am a size 22 I’ll be very ill – so I give you permission to take me to the hospital.

The key step is to find what’s true for me – and anchor into that belief. Not to worry about what others think, what others are doing – it’s important that I do me.

So I still have fat days, like I have sad days, days where I cry in the shower and days where I need a cuddle – that’s part of our human experience. 

On those days I choose to be in that space, to allow the emotions to move through me and then I choose the next best feeling for me. Give it a go and enjoy living your best human life xo

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