I’m more than the Hyatt

But my husband still likes it there xo

Contrary to what some might believe, I do love a good camping trip. In 2002, I flew to Alice Springs and did a 8 day swag tour of Uluru, the Olgas and Kings Canyon. I didn’t shower or bathe for 8 days – I had 1 swim in the Garden of Eden at Kings Canyon and changed my knickers every day.

I don’t tan, but I was a different colour when I arrived back in Alice – we all were. Everyone from the tour met up at Bo Jangles for dinner, and it was honestly hard to recognise everyone!

I’ve done a number of road trips, my father loves a good road trip – he calls them an ‘adventure’. We would go to Surf Beach and then Tomakin as kids for 2 weeks before Xmas every year. The days consisted of breaky, beach, paddle pop, lunch, walk the rocks/canoe/fish, dinner, repeat – it was awesome!

On the days when we went into the Bay, Dad was always keen to explore whereas Mum would wander the shops. Al would always go with Mum – New Zealand ice cream was on the menu, and the rest of us (who ever was there) would get in the car with Dad and he’d take us exploring. Checking out the new land developments, different beaches – he’d just drive.

In my 20’s I got in my car and drove south to Tathra. I’d heard lots about the place so I wanted to check it out. I stopped in Tilba going north, heading for Kiama, and given my passion for chocolate eclairs I thought I could drive around Australia reviewing all the chocolate eclairs at all the bakeries – then I realised I’d probably have to walk Australia to manage my weight.

In 2003, I headed to Alice Springs. Dad taught me how to change a tyre (I thought having a mobile phone would be enough – ha ha), in case I need it and I headed across the Hay Plains to Port Augusta, then straight up the middle. The trip took 4 days and I stopped about every 2 hours up the middle – refuelling, walking around, just taking a break for 20 minutes or so.

I would love to go back to Coober Pedy – Chris can play golf and I can relax in the underground hotel there! At the time they had an awesome vegie burger at the service station just as you come into town. I also stopped at my brother’s memorial, lots of tears, I’ll take my family back again someday.

After spending a week in Alice for my sister in-law’s 30th and my niece’s 1st birthday, I got in the car at the crack of dawn and drove back down the middle, hitting Port Augusta at 6pm. It was a long day but I was pretty proud of myself for driving all that way and thank goodness, my car didn’t miss a beat! The Dixie Chicks kept me company along with a few other tunes.

After a nights sleep I headed to McLaren Vale, booked in at a motel and then explored a few of the wineries. I’d been before for the Sea and Vines festival, it was a very messy day but we got to try a few wines – before they all tasted the same, so I went back to Chapel Hill. I had great memories of the church style building, on top of the hill, overlooking the vines – it looked the same and I enjoyed the view. A stop off at Tattachilla Cellardoor, I had another good nights sleep and then started my trip home via Harndorf, a German village, for lunch and then headed across the Hay Plains again.

I thought I had enough petrol but 20km in the gauge dropped to ¼ full…ummm not sure I would make it I thought I can either turn around or floor it and get there as quickly as I could. Of course I took the ‘sensible’ second option and rolled into a petrol station in Hay on the smell of an oily rag. What’s the worst that could have happened – remember I had my mobile handy (insert rolling eyes emoticon).

I’m keen for our next adventure – showering every couple of days, wearing the same clothes, watching Teddy and Chris play with transformers, listening to Teddy’s laughter as he and Indie run in and out

of the waves, cuddling up with my hubby at night time after a huge day, or a quiet day, of discovery. It’s the next journey and I can’t wait!!

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