I'm open to learning

What about you?

Each day we have the opportunity to grow and learn. We can let others decide our path for us or we can choose to take responsibility for what we want to create and take action towards it. School taught us to follow direction, life taught us to follow our parents direction and we often continue down that path – in some form or other.

So when something challenges us – perhaps the loss of a job, loss of a loved one, mental health issues etc. we look outside ourselves for the answers, when the truth is the answers are within us.

Showing up and speaking up for ourselves is really challenging because we have to then say ‘no, this is what I think/do/believe’ and be 100% aligned to that.

The critical skill here is to listen – to listen to ourselves and also be aware of what’s happening around us. What’re the consistent behaviours happening around us, what’re people asking us for. We can push back as much as we want, but its the surrender that’s critical here – the surrender and finding aligned, supported action to make the shift, to move through the story that we have.

We get blocked by our own stories:

  • Why is he not doing this?
  • Why won’t she help me?
  • Why won’t they take responsibility for their actions?

They don’t need to do anything – it’s us who are responsible to change, to move through what’s happening, and to grow.

Every thing happening in our life is an opportunity to grow. When we look at it this way and remind ourselves ‘I am a soul being’ then we come back into our heart and get out of our critical head – our ego that needs to be fed, and we truly find out who we can become.

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