What if it's not hard

and we had more fun!
  • What if losing those last 5kgs is the easiest thing you ever did?
  • What if having an awesome, playful, creative and loving relationship was the easiest thing you ever created?
  • What if building your business into a thriving hub of soulful, inspiring and uplifting people, working the hours that you wanted to work and earning the money you wanted to earn, was the easiest thing you ever did?
  • What if travelling 6,000kms to move to your new home was the most amazing adventure and everything that happened on the way was the most wonderful experience you’ve ever had?

What if you could build the life of your dreams from exactly where you are?

It’s not hard, but our brain’s going to tell us that it is – and we’ll look for every reason WHY we can’t create what we want:

  • My best mate tried creating his own business but he ended going back to a 9-5 job.
  • She lost the weight but then she put it all back on OR she lost the weight but she’s ‘special’, she doesn’t work/has lots of money/has a supportive husband/has the will power…all the things I don’t have.
  • I can’t earn enough money from the work I love – no one will pay me enough for the work I do.
  • Holy crap, 6,000kms, we’ll NEVER get there. We’ll breakdown, we’ll eat crap food all the way and we’ll be SOOOOOO tired.

What are the other stories that come to your mind? Share them in the comments section below xo

But what if, what if it was easy? What if you could be present in every moment and you could LOVE every moment – even the hard ones.

What if you asked yourself ‘what am I learning in this moment?’.

When I ask Teddy what he loved about his day, he’ll tell me what he didn’t love – his brain naturally goes to what didn’t work. It’s important to hold space for that and then I gently nudge him towards what he did enjoy, what were those 3 things he’s grateful for? Who did he love playing with? What was the game they played? What did he read about today? What did he write about today? And what was the biggest lesson of his day?

These are all awesome journalling prompts no matter our age.

When we come from a space of ‘this is fun’, we automatically show up a better version of ourselves. We dive in, we get excited, we get curious, we enjoy what we’re doing and even if we’re doing it for someone else – we give it our best.

So what if it’s not hard, but it’s actually possible? What if we got curious about what we want in life? What if we chose to actively create our life – how would you show up from that space?

Come and join me on Thursday for My Ridiculous Dreaming Vision Board session, it’s a zoom call and all you have to do is comment below – let’s create more fun!! xo

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  • Mel 27 September 2020   Reply →

    Hi Suze, I would love to be part of that call!

    • admin 29 September 2020   Reply →

      Absolutely, you get first dibs as a Holistic Health member xo

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