I've given up chocolate

There I said it.

The fear of failure has stopped me saying anything, but it’s been slowly leaking out over many channels recently and I’m on a radio show in the US tomorrow…and based on another podcast interview last week…I will just spill the beans.

So I wanted to share this with you.

On 31 December, with the New Moon in play, I was sitting on the lounge thinking about what impact I could make to my life in 2021.

We have 365 days in a year, and if I was to make 1 change a day that could truly transform my life what would that be?

I’d been playing around with what I was proud of each day – so I asked myself, in 365 days time, what change could I make that I would be super proud of, and giving up chocolate came to mind.

Chocolate has always been a huge part of my life, kinda like sleep – I was never giving up either. Seriously everyone needs a vice right? But do we really. Could life be the vice? Could the simple joy of watching the grass grow, seeing a flower in bloom, listening to my son laugh – could that be the vice?

It’s one of those foods that consume me, not the other way around (although I do eat it) and I’ve found over the years, the foods that I can’t stop eating are the ones that I need to stop eating because they’re not fueling my body – they’re depleting my body.

Inspired by Lisa, who, on a significant birthday year, has given up alcohol for the entire year, I wondered if I could stop eating chocolate for 365 days.

The idea that 365 days starts with one day, and we move through it one day at a time, I said yes to myself.

This year I’ve changed so much already, and it’s not just the chocolate, I’ve created more awareness in my life.
  • I see the times when I would reach for chocolate, and then I get to look at the behaviour that’s going on for me.
  • I see the stories in my head about how I ‘just need chocolate’ and ask myself ‘really?’
  • How, ‘one piece won’t hurt’ and again ask ‘is that true?’
I haven’t been completely chocolate ‘clean’:
  • I had ice cream two times – one was mint choc chip (it was pretty average tasting) and chocolate confession (that was divine but my belly wasn’t happy the next day – OMG), and
  • I had 2 x hot chocolates while we were away on the GC – I experienced serious bloating, so no more for me – for now.
As I write this, I’m again chocolate free without the ‘edges’, and it might last 365 days or it might not, but what I’ve learnt over the last 2 years is – it doesn’t matter.

Life is about choice. I choose to eat well for my body 90% of the time, and if that becomes 50% because we’re away, it’s ok, because I’m still eating better than perhaps I would have in the past and it’s not forever.

To keep me accountable and to explore what 365 days looks like, I’m writing a daily blog over on Medium. I share this only because you might be interested, I’m writing this for me, not for anyone else.

Will this be forever, I have no idea and again, nor do I care. This is what I’m doing now and it’s supporting me to be a newer version of myself – is that for the better, who knows, as it only matters what I think of myself and I’m happy.

Every day we get to choose how we show up, and every moment is another choice for who we want to be.
Be you, choose you and everything flows from there.
We’re all human xo

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