What is organic?

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Susan, we didn’t have organic in our day, we just ate the fruit and vegetables that were put in front of us.

– Robyn Scollen (my Mum), 2019.

When I googled ‘what is organic’ 1,220,000,000 results came up – that’s a lot of results and a lot of opportunity to go down the rabbit hole, but I’m going to make it easy for you, so let’s dive in.

Yes my Mum’s right, they didn’t have organic in her day – they didn’t need to because in the main, they ate organic. Organic fruits and veg are straight from the farm, without any man-made chemicals or intervention.

She had an uncle turn up at their door every weekend with a box of fruit and veg for them to eat for the week. It had been home grown from multiple family farms and it was distributed to everyone.

Unfortunately or fortunately, fruit and veg have evolved. The aim of this evolution has been to manage pests, increase longevity, increase the appeal to us humans and help to minimise the seasonal impact to farmers.

In our global economy we can now buy fruits and veg all year round. Eating seasonally was a thing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your oranges can come from the United States when they’re out of season in Australia, or your asparagus might come from Mexico. It’s great that as a consumer we have options.

The issues arise when our bodies are the price we pay for those options. When we’re ingesting toxins with our fruit and veg that our bodies don’t know how to process, they can get stored potentially causing more health and wellness issues.

Getting fruits and veg as close to the farmers door is the best approach, but for some people this isn’t possible, so what’s the alternative? The key here is to include them as part of your life – what you eat literally makes up your hair, skin, nails, organs – every part of you. This means if you’re eating fruit and veg over that packet of chips, takeaway, cheese and crackers – you’re winning! 

Yep you’re winning. The fact that you brought them from the local supermarket isn’t an issue because you’re still choosing to fuel your body with important nutrients and minerals. 

Another option is to choose frozen vegetables. These can be even more nutritious than the veggies you peel and cook for yourself, because they’re often snap frozen pretty close to the farmers door.

The question then becomes, why organic? What is it about them that matters so much and sure you tell me it’s important, but Susan they cost so much.

My first tip about organics, and it was a surprise to me, is that I find I eat so much less when I eat organics – I kid you not. 

My second tip is that organics can still be sprayed with what’s called ‘natural’ products. So if you’re buying organic, you want to make sure they’re also ‘spray free’.

My third tip, and probably the most important one, is that what’s ‘organic’ in Australia isn’t organic in other countries. But all foods imported to Australia must be labelled in accordance with the Food Standards Code developed by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) therefore when they say organic, you know they’ve met Australia’s organic standards.

The other benefit you can get is that some products are ‘Certified Organic’ which means they’ve been through third party testing to guarantee their quality and integrity. If you need this extra tick of approval, then keep an eye out of the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) label.

Organic does taste better, but you may need to give your taste buds, your eye and your expectations time to transition. Remember, if you haven’t eaten an organic vegetable for a long time, it can take your taste buds up to 14 days to transition. It didn’t take me that long, I think veggies are mostly the same, and now I enjoy better quality and a fuller belly with less.

And with organics there are no nasties, no extra chemicals that are foreign to your body that it has to process – and if it doesn’t know what to do with them, those unknown extras can be stored in your body potentially leading to future health and wellness issues. So whilst its super critical to fuel our body right, getting fruits and veg in is an awesome start and if you can make them organic you’ll be loving up on your body even more xo

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