Human Design with Anna Johnson-Hill

Ep. 12 – Human Design with Anna Johnson-Hill

Anna is a proud Projector with Splenic Authority and it’s okay if you have no idea what that means. Human Design changed her life. When she first saw her chart it was covered with numbers, words and colours that made no sense to her and it felt overwhelming. After some quick Googling and learning a few things that hit home hard, she was straight down the rabbit hole.

Anna learnt that it’s okay that she doesn’t have inexhaustible energy stores, that there is a way to tap into your own unique way of doing business and life (that looks nothing like others) and that your soul came to this Earth with a specific mission.

From then her whole life shifted – she started working in a way that lit her up, amazing business opportunities were flying at her, her abundance expanded, she met the love of her life (he’s a Splenic Projector too), she moved cities, felt more in flow than ever (the Universe was finally working with her) – and this was all within 6 months. And she knew that she didn’t want other people to open up their Human Design charts and miss the magic.

In the episode, Anna introduces us to Human Design, explains the Human Design Types, Strategies and Inner Authorities. As a treat she shares with us Time-line Therapy. This is an incredible episode with so much for you to take away and apply in your own life, enjoy it, take notes and be inspired.

To find out more about Anna and be part of the amazing work she’s doing in the world, come over here:

Website: Anna Johnson-Hill

Facebook: Anna Johnson-Hill

Instagram: Anna Johnson-Hill

YouTube: Anna Johnson-Hill


If you’re interested in finding out more about Human Design and downloading your own Human Design Graph, head over here:

Jovian Archive

My Body Graph

My Human Design by Jenna Zoe

Human Design Basics by Anna Johnson-Hill


Anna and I would love to hear from you, download your Human Design Graph, re-listen to this podcast so you can take notes on your specific type, strategy and authority, and tell us in the comments below what you’ve learnt.

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