Ep. 176 – You deserve to be well with Ceri Ford

Ceri Ford has transformed her life from addiction, trauma and burn out to become an eternal student who now inspires others to be ‘on fire’ and to truly love their life again.

Ceri learnt the importance of being her own advocate, even in her darkest moments, and shares with us that no matter how bad it gets, we always have a choice.

And when we choose to turn things around, be true to ourselves, the journey becomes even more beautiful.

Be inspired xo


Ceri Ford is a Nutritionist, Life & Inner Work Coach, Writer and Hospitality Mentor based in Brisbane, Australia. She also holds multiple leadership positions in organisations uplifting women.

Ceri is passionate about helping ambition junkies go from burnout to ‘on fire’ so they can go back to making an impact on the world and enjoy a full and rewarding life. She believes life is too short for restriction; and without pleasure, health isn’t sustainable and life isn’t worth living!

Blogging since 2009 and with degrees in Nutritional Medicine and Psychology plus extensive training in multiple coaching modalities, Ceri has a wealth of knowledge and experience including her own major transformation journey through addiction, trauma and crippling self-doubt. 

Under the brand Healthy Party Girl, she offers 1:1 coaching, consulting, group programs, workshops and events, and is an engaging speaker.

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