Ep. 183 – Permission to Evolve with Susan Scollen

Life’s going to happen and we can either push against it or allow it to happen – surrender to it, and we can give ourselves permission to evolve.

When this happens it doesn’t mean giving up on your dreams or letting go of a goal, it just means we can evolve, we can tune into what’s true for us in that moment and choose to embody what’s best for us, and our highest good, in that moment.

Are you ready to do things differently?

Let’s inspire each other xo


Hi, it’s me Susan, your Health & Life Coach, and Our Soul Life Conversations.

I’m passionate about encouraging you to create more health and wellness in your life. Health creates choices – and I believe we have more choices when we’re living in alignment with our soul.

I work with parents and those planning to be parents, to love their lives right where they’re at, and in doing so heal their generational stories so their kids don’t have too.

After having post natal depression, I chose to dig myself out of my big black hole and move from a life I hated to one I love, using happiness as my guide. I also believe that in healing myself, I’ve also healed Teddy and given him the tools to move through challenges he may face in his future. You can find out more about me here.

I’d love to know what resonated with you in this episode, comment below or head over to Susan Scollen on Facebook or Instagram, find the post for this episode and share with me. I look forward to meeting and chatting with you over there.

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