Empowering Women with Lisa Crosbie

Ep. 20 – Empowering Women with Lisa Crosbie

Lisa Crosbie is an ex-fitness studio owner and ex-Personal Trainer, empowers women to live their most epic vibrant life.

She’s on a mission to use her knowledge and life experience to ease the confusion that women have around health and wellness, and to help educate, inspire and empower women.

In this episode, Lisa shares her wellness journey, and the importance of women understanding their cycle and the way it supports us to be even more amazing. Be Inspired.

To find out more about Lisa and be part of the amazing work she’s doing in the world, come over here:

Facebook: Lisa Crosbie

Facebook: Lisa Crosbie Coaching

Instagram: Lisa Crosbie

Website: Lisa Crosbie


Here are a few things Lisa and I mentioned in this episode:

Are you interested in being empowered in your own life? I know Lisa and I am, so we’d love hear from you in the comments below.

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