Mindfulness with Natasha Bryant

Ep. 24 – Mindfulness with Natasha Bryant

Natasha (Tasha) is a single mother of two beautiful kids and she has a passion for health and wellness, particularly mental health and wellness. Yoga and mindfulness has helped her so much on her journey and she love to share this with others. Her main passion is bringing yoga and mindfulness to children and families. 

In this episode, Tasha shares how she nearly died at the age of 17, a series of illnesses she had that led to her living in chronic pain. It was after she fell pregnant that she thought, it’s time I take care of myself – and my baby, and it was through this work that she found what she was looking for. Be inspired.

To find out more about Tasha and be part of the amazing work she’s doing in the world, come over here:

Website: Amazing Me Yoga

Facebook: Amazing Me Yoga

Instagram: Amazing Me Yoga


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