Ep. 271 – Wise Little One with Jana Wilson

Jana’s Wise Little One, her younger self, was guided to be on the earth at the time that she came, into the life that she came into.

Suffering at the hands of the people who were meant to protect her, her inner guide took her on her journey to become who she is today.

An incredible woman who’s guiding and supporting people, particularly single mums, to be their amazing self – just like she is.

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A victim of childhood abuse and trauma, Jana Wilson could have wound up another statistic. Yet, at the age of twelve, she had a mystical experience that catapulted her on a life-long journey of learning to listen and love herself. In her breakout prescription memoir Wise Little One, we follow Jana as she develops a connection to her inner child. Through this connection, Jana cultivates an unshakable faith in Self and Spirit, taking full responsibility for her soul’s journey.

A riveting tale of triumph over tragedy, Wise Little One is interlaced with the knowledge Jana learned on her path of discovery – eventually training and working with prominent thought leaders Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr Brian Weiss and Debbie Ford. Ultimately, she honors and listens to her Wise Little One and, at long last, is guided to her beloved in the most auspicious way. In the end, readers discover that we are all here in Earth school to learn how to heal from our pasts, extract lessons from our traumas, and to value and fall in love with ourselves.

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