Ep. 273 – Doing Business Differently with Maureen Kafkis

You’re not putting in the effort, time to hire another coach, you’ll be successful when, you can make $100k in your first year… really?

Yes, this is what we’re told, this is what we believe but as Maureen shares with us, we don’t have to do business any other way than the way that resonates with us – with you.

You get to define what business and success looks like, it’s that simple.

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Maureen Kafkis is the host of the Brain BS Podcast. The podcast where thought work, emotional intelligence  and Universal Law come together to empower humans to cut the crap and finally master their brain BS.

Maureen’s a doctor of occupational therapy, a certified life coach, and an expert on brain BS. Her mission is to motivate humans to learn how to live consciously and manage their minds on purpose so they can create a fulfilling life free of needless suffering.

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