Ep. 274 – Cosmetic Surgery & Self-Love with Silvia Ballow

Silvia had always lent on cosmetic surgery to feel good about herself, but when she ran out of surgeries, she didn’t know what to do.

Listening to a podcast, she heard, ‘you can change yourself from a place of hate,’ and knew something had to change.

Life Coaching came into Silvia’s life and it was then that she began to understand that until she changed the thoughts about herself, she’d never love herself.

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“When will I  be enough?” Silvia asked herself this question many times while contemplating another cosmetic surgery. She knew there had to be more than going into her 60’s continuing the struggle to maintain her surgeon’s masterpiece.

Silvia is a dedicated life coach passionate about guiding her clients on their journey to self-love and acceptance.

Silvia’s expertise lies in helping those overcoming the fear of weight gain after cosmetic surgery. She understands that the journey doesn’t end in the operating room; it’s often just the beginning of a new path towards self-discovery and unconditional love.

She knows firsthand how the fear of weight gain can keep her clients from fully embracing the new chapter in their lives post-surgery as she’s lived it herself.

Its Silvia’s mission to help women navigate these fears, break down the barriers, and empower them to embrace the changes with courage and confidence.

When women work with her, they explore topics like body positivity, self-love, and the often unspoken realities of cosmetic surgery.

Together, Silvia and her clients are redefining beauty standards and learning to love themselves unconditionally, because true beauty radiates from the inside out.


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