Ep. 276 – Healing Cancer Naturally with Katrina Foe

Katrina was nursing her 5th baby when she noticed she had a plugged duct. She healed it but the lump didn’t go away, and when she had it checked she was told she had breast cancer.

She had been doing ‘all the things’ to be healthy but realised there had to be something else going on. This led her on her journey where she healed her cancer naturally and found her happiness.

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Katrina Foe is a 2nd generation Pilates instructor, NCPT (PMA) certified, and owner of Personalized Pilates in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Katrina was trained by Lolita San Miguel before teaching alongside her as her anatomy teacher. She has run her Pilates studio for over 10 years, and over the last 20 years, trained over 1,000s of pilates instructors worldwide with her innovative online Pilates teacher training program. 

Her Pilates teacher training program is structured very intentionally so that students leave with a profound understanding and deep skills– without being overwhelmed. Her book, Nutritional Pilates, has been released and is available for My Soul life Podcast listeners over at www.nutritionalpilates.com 

One of Katrina’s proudest accomplishments is that she was able to successfully address her own cancer 100% naturally. 

After her cancer journey, Katrina became board certified in holistic nutrition and trained to read functional labs. 

Now a certified Metabolic Approach to Cancer practitioner, Katrina is faculty at Restorative Wellness Solutions where they address the root cause of why cancer was allowed to proliferate, how to put cancer into remission, and education. 


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