Ep. 279 – A Sages Wisdom with Daniel Mirfield

Daniel has always been aware of the energy of nature. Then he realised he could digest energy within himself, like he was able to do in nature.

This is a beautiful example of how our outside world is always guiding us, and the true garden of wisdom is within.

Daniel reminds us that we all have a unique garden to be cultivated and explored, and that we all hold wisdom within.

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Daniel Mirfield is a renowned healer, mentor, and author whose mission is to relieve stress in those who suffer from anxiety through the healing power of nature and finding peace from within. His new book, SEEDLING: The Journey to Inner Peace is available now.

Daniel is a renowned healer and mentor, and he channels the power of nature to help his clients heal and recover from stress. His teachings, which can be found in his book, fuse ancient wisdom with modern times to help us navigate and overcome even the most challenging moments by listening to our intuition, staying grounded, and being aligned and centered, all while reacting from a place of love rather than fear.

Daniel has been in tune with the healing power of nature ever since he was a boy. Growing up in the English countryside allowed him the freedom to explore the natural world in great detail. He currently resides in New Zealand after living in Australia for many years.


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