Ep. 280 – Heart Felt Grief with Annah Taylor Phinny

Annah lost her beautiful horse, and through her grief she uncovered a deeper physical issue. Annah had breast cancer.

Healing happens on multiple levels, and Annah knew that, even though she’d done a lot of work on herself leading up to her cancer, she had to go deeper.

Annah takes us on her heroine’s journey, which is very different to the hero’s journey.

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Annah Taylor Phinny is a spiritual healer and formally trained Priestess of Avalon, an ancient Goddess tradition based in Glastonbury, England. 

During her teens, her intuitive nature led to nightly readings for her classmates, which in turn led to accusations of witchcraft, expulsion, and medication that suppressed her gifts for many years.

Today, Annah has completed a master’s program in spiritual psychology and lives in service to the divine feminine in all beings, connecting others with their wild and ancient selves.

During her transformational journey, Taylor experienced a rebirth, emerging with the name Annah. She is the founder of Avalon Calling, offering pilgrimages to the sacred sites of the British Isles as well as personal and group priestess sessions. 


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