Ep. 283 – Re-code Your Life with Riya Sokol

The stories we tell ourselves are keeping us where we are. Riya, re-coded her life, telling a different story, and transformed her entire life.

When Riya stepped away from her family, she didn’t know what would happen, but through the work she did on herself, it created a deeper, more soulful connection with her loved ones.

Through the lessons she learnt she’s then applied them into all areas of her life to truly live her Soul Life.

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Riya Sokol is a public speaker, artist and author. Known for her actions to inspire conscious life and for her unconventional approach to its various areas – thanks to which people improve their quality of life in a very significant way. 

Her unusual way is to use the spoken and sung word for her message, which means that her speeches cause not only a deep transformation but also unforgettable impressions.

Riya is the winner of numerous awards, including the Polish Business Women Awards.

She is also the author many viral videos, including “Thank you, coronavirus” translated into dozens of languages and awarded at several international festivals such as: Social Change International Film Festival, Independent Shorts Awards, Australian Independent Film Festival.

Riya started her work with spirituality and personal development in 2005. Studying psychology, she felt that there was more to it than textbooks. She began to travel around the world, looking for answers about the depth and meaning of life.

Riya has recovered from various illnesses and emotional traumas, deepened her knowledge about herself and human mechanisms, the subconscious, femininity and masculinity, abundance, emotions and money.


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