Healing your Inner Child with Melissa Jane

Ep. 33 – Healing your Inner Child with Melissa Jane

After ending a toxic marriage and raising 2 young sons as a ‘lone’ mumma, Melissa who was already very holistically minded and ‘follow your dreams’ thinking, found herself lacking personal purpose and with the sense of something holding her back, Melissa just felt like there ‘must be something better than this!’

With 2 young sons to raise and the deep responsibility to raise great men, a chance podcast would lead Melissa to study a type of transformational hypnotherapy from a renowned therapist in England.

The deep personal healing from simply listening to the teachings helped Melissa to dig deep into childhood wounds that she had endured, allowed her to understand how she made some of the choices from those wounds and was able to find purpose in that work and continue to ‘believe and know’ that she can achieve her desired life with her young kings.

With this experience and combining with her previous university studies and other interests, Melissa is passionate about creating ‘cycle breaking parents’ who heal themselves and break the cycle for the children to come. It’s truly EPIC work and Melissa sees clients 1:1 and in group environments using sub-conscious healing therapies and complements them with conscious techniques and strategies for a truly life changing transformation.

In this episode, Melissa shares her journey, how we need to break the cycle of subconscious parenting, and how we need to evolve as humans through breaking the cycle and creating a life we truly want to gift to our children – so they can rise even higher. Be inspired.

Check out Melissa’s socials for the upcoming releases of her 6 week ‘Re-Parent the Parent’ course and 2 new courses, one specifically for men and one specifically for women.


To find out more about Melissa and be part of the amazing work she’s doing in the world, come over here:


Here are a few things Melissa and I mentioned in this episode:

Are you interested in living your life to the fullest, releasing everything that’s holding you back and healing your inner child so your child can be free from the bonds that have limited you? I know Melissa and I are, so we’d love hear from you in the comments below.

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