No one's going to save me with Kya Nguyen

Ep. 35 – No one’s going to save me with Kya Nguyen

Kya Nguyen is a holistic designer in The Bahamas. After a decade in design and marketing, she decided to hop off the struggle bus and instead of only creating clothing, jewellery, and events, create a life she loves as well. 

A few years back, she went through a really rough period (what she describes as a full on identity crisis) after separating from her partner.

Friends offered wellness suggestions but most of it was either super time consuming or expensive – two things she didn’t have to spare as a mom. 

Kya leaned into art as a healing tool and hasn’t looked back since. By using Creative Wellness techniques as a way to nurture self Kya has been able to soothe decades-old aches and hurts.

Now she is teaching busy moms how to pick up the creative tools which provide both immediate escape and lifelong inner healing. And how to do it without jeopardizing the connection with their kiddos!

Momma Healer was born to provide you with everything you need to take the same joyful journey to self-discovery and connect you with like-minded moms ready to heal.

In this episode, Kya shares her journey through moving from New York to the Bahamas, leaving her marriage and doing the work on herself to really look at who she wanted to be. We dive into the masks we all wear and how to break them, and how art can be your healer. Be inspired.

To find out more about Kya and be part of the amazing work she’s doing in the world, come over here:


Check out Kya’s Momma Map Workbook and Ritual Reset Wellness Box/Starter Course here:


Here are a few things Kya and I mentioned in this episode:

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