Speaking up for Mental Health with Brittani Duval

Ep. 41 – Speaking up for Mental Health with Brittani Duval

Brittani Duval is an Intuitive Mental Wellness Coach, a visionary, and a light-filled entrepreneur who lovingly guides and encourages women to their truth, from mental health shame and stigma, through authentic vulnerability.

She believes that there is a beautiful way to own your past and mental health shame to create acceptance in freedom. That we don’t need to be “fixed”, and that you are perfectly whole and complete as you are.

Brittani’s coaching methodology is around the “Rooted in Truth” method, which allows you to identify what your truth is for your life, and practice it everyday. She also provides all the tools and resources she has personally used herself in her transformation journey.

She is also a mom to her toddler daughter, and a wife to an amazing husband. She resides in deserty Arizona.

In this episode, Brittani shares how she didn’t feel seen or heard. Her struggles with mental health, from her early teens, meant she ended up with lots of labels. After the death of her brother in 2019, she decided it was time to use her voice. She told her husband exactly what she needed and then went about creating the life of her dreams. Be Inspired.

To find out more about Brittani and be part of the amazing work she’s doing in the world, come over here:

Brittani also shared with us her incredible Let’s Talk About It Summit – navigating to freedom in truth from mental health shame and stigma for business and life, commencing on 22 February (US time – so 23 Feb for us Aussies). Register here:

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