Creating Loving Relationships with Farrah Blakely

Ep. 45 – Creating Loving Relationships with Farrah Blakely

Farrah Blakely is your love coach for single high-achieving women who want it all including the love they deserve. As a funny, influential, inspiring go-getter that has spent her life being the go-to person for leaders, friends, family, and peers she knows all too well the journey of over-generous high achieving women and putting yourself last especially when it comes to love.

With a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and certifications in Life Coaching, Reiki and Mindfulness, Farrah created the S.E.E. method (Self Emotional Empowerment) to teach her clients that they can experience connection, healing, and growth simultaneously for the best intimate relationships.

Her writings have been featured on Thrive Global, Medium, Sivana East, and Voyage Dallas Magazine.

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In this episode, Farrah shares how she bravely left her marriage  with 2 small children and when she was ready, she went on her journey to find love again. She started by looking at all the reasons why she wasn’t successful in love and she attempted to change herself from the outside – only to realise to truly find the love she desired, she had to do the inside work.

Now she has a beautiful relationship with herself and the man of her dreams, and, along with her ex-husband, has raised emotionally mature children who now as adults know what they want to find in their relationships. Be inspired.

To find out more about Farrah and be to chat to her about all things love, come over here:

Farrah also shared with us her favourite song:

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