Taking the Leap with Rachel Mackey

Ep. 65 – Taking the Leap with Rachel Mackey

Rachel Mackey, a Canberra girl born and raised, left school feeling a bit lost and after trying everything she thought was the “right thing” for her to do, she stumbled into her biggest passion and perfect career. 

After several years working at an incredible, high end salon, she took the leap of faith and went out on her own. 

Her journey has taught her so many things about who she is, about hard work, resilience, and that you should always trust yourself and your gut. 

She’s a big believe in people being their own cheerleaders and doing what’s best for them!

In this episode, Rach shares two life changing events led her to a career that she absolutely loves. But taking the leap required her to believe that she could have everything she wanted. Rach takes us on her journey, how the support of her husband and family made everything happen faster than she could have ever imagined, and now she lives a life she dreamt of. Be inspired.

To find out more about Rach and the work she’s doing in the world, come over here:

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