Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity with Ava Rockwell

Ep. 67 – Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity with Ava Rockwell

Ava Rockwell is the founder and visionary of the Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine founded on a a need for better educational standards and transparency in these career fields. She has an endless passion for all things holistic.

In this episode, Ava shares her passion for health and for inspiring people to be healthy. Which led her to establishing her own school – Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine. Ava is an advocate for living a full life and finding your balance, but some health issues have long term effects, that we might not see right now and this is our time to heal. Be inspired.

To find out more about Ava and the work she’s doing in the world, come over here:

Ava also mentioned the following in her interview:

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