This isn't who I am with Melissa Salazar

Ep. 79 – This isn’t who I am with Melissa Salazar

Melissa Salazar lives in New York City and during the day she’s an actuarial specialist. On her personal time, she enjoys managing her health and wellness through constant introspection, exercise, nutrition and routine. 

In 2019, she had a mysterious medical issue which further encouraged her to seek a life of balance as well as meaningfully recreating her identity.

In this episode, Melissa shares how she was the fittest she’d ever been, she was amazed by what her body could do, and then she felt like her body was shutting down – one system at a time. Her journey to wellness began, as she dove into medical specialists and despite not being diagnosed formally, she is well again. However, she’s also challenged by what may happen in the future but she has the tools to move through things quicker and she’s brainstorming plans for her future. Be inspired.

To find out more about Melissa’s and the work she’s doing in the world, come over here:

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