Warrior for Change with Dionne Sanchez

Ep. 81 – Warrior for Change with Dionne Sanchez

Dionne is a warrior for change and the host of the “Words of Heart“ podcast which is about in-depth conversations of inspiration with an emphasis on mental health.

Dionne considers herself to be a warrior for change through the power of her words. And her podcast is a culmination of her gifts and skills. Her empathic nature allows her to connect with anyone she comes across leaving her podcast to be a safe forum of comfort and acceptance.

She’s a christian, poet, digital art student, became diabetic during the pandemic, and had many health issues growing up which is testament to her perseverance in-spite of her obstacles.

In this episode, Dionne shares how she couldn’t talk or hear for the first two years of her life. This slowed down things for her and she had learning difficulties to overcome. Now she uses her voice for change and she holds sacred space for others to share their stories, because after so many years of not being seen and being silenced, she knows this is her gift to give the world. Be inspired.

To find out more about Dionne and the work she’s doing in the world, come over here:

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