A Male Perspective with Chris Deal

Ep. 83 – A Male Perspective with Chris Deal

Chris Deal is my husband, and when I asked him to share his side of our journey to have Teddy, he said ‘sure’. Whilst Post Natal Depression is typically a feminine illness, I believe that men struggle too and in this podcast I hope to inspire you to have a conversation with your partner/husband, and create an even deeper connection.

In this episode, Chris shares our pregnancy journey and baby journey, because it’s never a one person job. It can feel like it sometimes. From not having a baby, through our decision making process, the fertility journey, pregnancy and what life became after Teddy was born. This chat is honest, heart felt and will encourage you to go deeper in your relationship with your partner. Be inspired.

To connect with Chris, either comment below or send me an email: hello@susanscollen.com

Chris and I would love to know what resonated with you in this episode in the comments below. Also, if you loved this episode, please share it with someone you love xo

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